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Grant Assurance

Ensuring adequate finance is a fact of life if you run a business. Whether you are looking to expand, undertake a specific project or simply fund your day to day purchases, finance is essential.

Obtaining finance is not always easy, especially if yours is a small business and particularly if it is a recent start-up. Borrowing may be difficult due to lack of security.

A grant may be the answer.



Sadly, not all businesses thrive under competitive pressures, but with the right advice at the right time they can survive – and even continue to grow.

Our experienced Restructuring & Insolvency team are well versed in all aspects of business recovery and can help businesses in financial adversity to appraise their situation and decide on a realistic course of action before it’s too late.

Where a viable recovery or turnaround is not possible we are well placed to advise the Company, its Directors and its Stakeholders of the options available to provide the most appropriate strategy.

Whatever the recommended course of action, and there may be a number of options, we will ensure our advice relates to the specific circumstances of the business.

We have a vastly experienced team available to give expert confidential restructuring & insolvency advice designed to assist with the difficult and often distressing circumstances associated with an ailing business.